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Manitowoc County 4-H Horse Project

Pleasure Show - July 11, 2015-- -- -- Speed Show June 17 & July 12, 2015

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Having Fun & Learning - One Ride at a Time!

The goal of the Manitowoc county 4-H Horse Project is to help the youth of the county with equine selection, nutrition, management, riding, recreation, fun, and horsemanship.
Horseback riding provides an outdoor sports fitness program for physical, personal, and emotional development, including confidence building. The sport can develop into a life-long hobby or business. Projects are available for youth owning or having access to horses and to youth not having access to horses (horseless horse projects)
You may belong to any 4-H club within the County to be a part of the Horse Project.
There are several 4-H committees that focus on horses…
It’s A Cinch:  7:00pm. On the 2nd Thursday of each month at Manitowoc County Office Complex, contact: Kerri Bramstedt 920-860-5538
Performance Posse:  7:00pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month at Manitowoc County Office Complex, contact Lucy 905-5605

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